Jacky Tang

As much as we like to believe, reality is not the default

The propagation of fake news over the past few years has created wide reaching problems, elevated tension, and tearing at the fabric of a globalized society. The control of information has always been a critical tool throughout social development. One of the most widespread original uses of the printing press…

A sustainable future will depend on rethinking how we think about and treat workers

During the latest Black Friday, workers at Amazon across 20 different countries organized a strike to “Make Amazon Pay”. During the last two years of the pandemic economy, big tech like Amazon actually increased their profits while none of that wealth was passed on to the workers that support those…

What happens when the human population stops growing?

One of the most famous TED presenters was the late Hans Rosling. He was the master of statistical presentation and a deadly wielder of the long pointy stick. Hans had a talent for boiling down complex numbers into something that was not only entertaining to watch, but helped people to…

The place beyond two is filled with possibility

In the land of numbers things can get pretty competitive. Zero is often touted as the ultimate number invention even though it means nothing. Without the zero much of modern math wouldn’t be possible. It’s also a part of another favorite, the 10 which forms the global base ten system…

Jacky Tang

A software-psychology guy breaking down the way we think as individuals and collectives

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