A 2020 Review: The Co-op, Covid, and the Code

Transitioning into work in the strangest of times showed me the ups and downs of tech

Early Stage Resourcefulness

At first, nobody really knew what to expect. I just tried my best to go with the flow. The ability to work from home was always available, but it was never actively encouraged before. In the first couple of weeks most of the time was comprised of overloading the IT department trying to get everything set up and running properly. Even though all the tools were already mostly in place, the company was not prepared for the scale.

The Good, the Bad, and the Oh-so-many Meetings

There were some obviously amazing perks to working from home. On the top of my list was extra sleep. I didn’t mind the commute so much, but being able to use the saved time for zzz’s was a blessing. It was also great having access to my fridge and snacks at all times. I got into a nice routine of waking up, making my Aeropress coffee, logging in, and casually sifting through my emails and plans for the day just 15 minutes before scrum.

Work-Life Bleeding

This part surprised me. Personally I am pretty dedicated to my work and try to do the best I can, when I can. As a more mature student, I’m well versed in how to get work done. I’ve integrated with the full-timers pretty well, and took on a higher load than the other co-ops in hopes of securing a permanent position. However, my dedication is limited to the working hours. When the clock runs out, I shutdown for the day. But not everyone could.

A Different Kind of Career

When I first went back to school, I would have never expected the world to enter into a state of crisis by the time I finished. But I’m glad I finished at the right time. So many friends who are still finishing up or starting their master's degrees are thrown into an awful situation. Remote school is just bad for the students and the teachers.

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A software designer-developer figuring out how the brain bits work and sharing the findings along the way

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