Like many of this generation, I can be called a lot of things and yet be none of them at all. I'm Asian-Canadian, but not all that Asian and not all that Canadian. I'm 37, so I'm not quite a Millennial but definitely not a Boomer. I'm writing, music playing, photographing, psychology-loving coder who's socially liberal and financially conservative. That might make me a generalist, or maybe someone that's aimless. I also think of myself as a realist and a lover of how science shows us what's real while understanding that the things in our head that aren't as real as we'd like to believe. I'm not quite masculine enough, and not exactly feminine. Sometimes I'm not even sure how to define myself let alone know where I fit into the world. Though there are many things I can't be sure about myself, the only thing that I can be sure of is that I am me.

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